Friday, 24 February 2012

New Music: Cry 4 U (Cover)

Do you remember that moment when Pretty Ricky released a cover of H-Town's Knocking the Boots and we were literally reduced to tears? All for the simple fact that a classic track had been destroyed by some young bods..... Well unfortunately another classic track has been picked up and covered.... Yes, it has been presumed that it'd be ok to pick up one of Jodeci greatest songs and tamper with it.... J Valentine, Tank, T Nelson and Bobby Cash have decided it would be a great idea to distress us and have us crying, while they performed kareoke over one of the 90's greatest slow jams. Sad but true.

Curiousity will force you to have a listen....

Did nobody tell these guys that what's not broken doesn't need fixing??

Soothe the horror away with the original.... Sing it K-Ci!

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