Saturday, 14 May 2011

They Call Him Riskgo!

Riskgo has made himself a known character over the years by demanding to be heard. Organising his first event ‘Code Red’ in 2007, Riskgo created his own platform to allow himself to showcase his talents and build a number of contacts within the industry.

Since the first Code Red, Riskgo has gone on to promote many other successful club events such as ‘Star Signs’ and ‘Certified Vibemaker’ as well as performing at events from other club promoters within London to Midlands and internationally in countries such as Barcelona, Ayia Napa, Kos and Amsterdam.

Having grafted his way up on the club circuit for 3 years working with many DJs and promoters along the way, Riskgo feels that he has reached his pinnacle point as an MC/Host on the club circuit. Being experienced on both roles, I asked Riskgo to explain the difference between the two:

“As an MC you don’t want to talk too much, you just want to spit bars. You don’t have no interest in nothing else other than letting your lyrics be heard. The hosting side of things is more suited to the vocal tracks, when you can say what the song is, interact with the crowd and let the tune breathe.”

For the most recent, Riskgo has set his sights on working with various producers, singers and songwriters to put together productions he hopes to compile into an album that will showcase his ability and diversity as an artist, making him undoubtedly unique.

“I’m working with a lot of different people at the moment, the contacts that I’ve got and the people that I’m hoping to collaborate with in the future are very good although I don’t want to name any of them at the moment as they’re not all 100% as yet. But I have worked with Undisputed a few times, they’re very decent humble people, who I’m looking forward to working with again in the future. Plus Andy J & S-Tee from Leeds who I think are very good producers, hopefully I’ll be working with them again soon on something brand new.”

Riskgo has invested a consistent level of dedication and determination over the years to ensure continuous development. Looking forth, Riskgo has warned to be prepared for the storm he is brewing....

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