Friday, 6 May 2011

Event Review: Musicalize - 28th April 2011

Pledged to be the only place worth being tonight, I head down to Alto in Soho, London for the Musicalize showcase hosted by Double M and presented by Claira Hermet in hope to be entertained by some great live performances. Ghetts headlining and many great upcoming acts on the bill, the prospect is promising...

Starting behind schedule, my lateness doesn't impede as I arrive just at the right time to get a drink before the first act Hannah Trigwell steps up to the stage with electric guitar in hand. Warming up the audience with a 5 set performance, it holds the audience well. Rapper Trixta follows up with a set boasting plenty of vocal energy. It's definitely warming up inside! I'm intrigued what other underground talents are going to be unearthed tonight?

Next act Leighanna kicks off with a cover of Rhianna's Rehab and continues with various other numbers to complete an impressive set. Mike Hough then seduces the audience with strong vocals that have many of the ladies in the audience screaming throughout his set. Rapper Rea leads us into the interval with another high powered set concluding the first half of the night

Time for the second half and Bianca Monet's delightful melodies have the audience bouncing... Another song added to her set would have definitely been appreciated; it's evident within her applause.

Up next is beat-boxer R-Tizt who has the cameras and phones coming out promptly. The audience is thoroughly tuned into the sounds coming from his mouth. Going through various genres in turn the audience is thoroughly engaged, entertained and appreciative.

When D.Walker takes to the stage, immediately it's sexy time! Starting off with Usher's There Goes My Baby merged into Hey Lover then Jodeci's Freek n You, D.Walker suddenly let's off some vocals that prove his range is more than bargained for. Ending his medley with Ginuwine's In Those Jeans, D.Walker goes into his own numbers keeping the audience thoroughly tuned in awe.

Up next are some surprise performances; Jack Leon Colton does an acoustic set mellowing out the mood. Picked right back up again when Snakeyman takes to the stage, followed up by Mr Faizer. Heavy beats are bumping through the venue and Mr Faizer is riding them like a jockey!

SplurgeBoys step up and bring it back with some old skool vibes, the audience are feeling the atmosphere. Treated to some remixes, I can see a few people pulling some skanks out the bag.

Deja Fate follows up with a set that grabs the attention of many. Vocals with the power to entrap the eardrums, the audience claps along to the beat and cheer as his guitarist does a solo. Breaking into some drum and bass the audience is thoroughly bubbling.

Headliner time... Finally, after a few technical difficulties and anxious moments, Ghetts starts his set and the energy is alive in magnitude not defying reputation. Joined by A.L. for a 2011 rendition of 'Inna Di Ghetto' the crowd are vibrant and cheering. Going into another rendition, this time 'Closer to my Dreams' the crowd are showing how much they appreciate it with power invested deeply into their head movements. Ghetts goes on to strongly affirm that he is a legend in the making. The beats are hard, vocals hard and the audience are mesmerised. The electricity between A.L. and Ghetts is
complementary to each other, this performance is on a level that can only be saluted. Getting into more new material, Ghetts goes back to dancing around the stage and spitting those heavy bars that keep his fans remaining loyal. Bringing Dollar the Dustman & Bruts to the stage, it's completely set alight as the bars tear the place apart! Don't phone me is ringing through but the lyrical pressure is too much! A.L. returns and shows that she can tear down the stage in exactly the same way with 'Artillery'. The pair are showing off more of arsenal that Ghetts holds under his belt. Following up to duet Who's on the Panel the set is wrapped up in total Ghetts style.

Photography by Lammy

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