Monday, 17 October 2011

New Music: Donaeo - Indigo Child

Regarded as a leader of the new skool, pushing all things UK forward, Donaeo has finally released a compilation of music for all his die hard fans. Indigo Child has been gifted as a mixtape available for free download, much to the glory of all the UK Funky supporters who struggled to have most of the music readily available to them. Something Donaeo has never held back from those who love his music.

Indigo Child is definitely another step in Donaeo's journey of musical growth. With many more vocal treats in comparison to his previous album Party Hard. Not to be mistaken for a slow ballad mixtape, Indigo Child also holds some faster tempo catchy tracks which will get in your head without you even knowing it.

Get your copy of the Indigo Child mixtape here!

Favourite tracks:
Move To The Gyal Dem

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