Tuesday, 25 October 2011

UK Film Review: Demons Never Die

The brainchild of writer/first time director Arjun Rose and produced by Idris Elba, Demons Never Die is a teen-cult slasher, which depicts a tale of a group of students each facing their own troubles in life. Boasting a cast including some of the UK’s hottest talent such as X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos, Misfit’s Robert Sheehan and Hollyoak’s Emma Rigby as well as respected figures such as BBC Radio One’s Reggie Yates. All is rounded up by many faces from urban movie regulars such as Arnold Oceng, Femi Oyeniran, Shanika Warren-Markland and introduces newcomer Jason Maza within his first major role as character Kenny, a slightly psychotic teen determined to ensure his friends stick to their promises, while enlisting a friend to capture it all on video.

Tackling subjects such as teen pregnancy, self harm, sexuality and eating disorders amongst others, Arjun Rose states the characters are realistic.

“They’re all kind of based on people and experiences that I’ve had myself. I know those characters quite well. I know the girl who hears voices, I know the girl who’s bulimic and Archie and Kenny were sort of based on myself, but the different sides of me.”

When a classmate is found dead in her room, her friends agree that she had a great idea and so make a pact to end their lives together and join her. Sharing a major secret strengthens the bond between them, helping them to see similarities within each other. The pact is at risk, as are the teens, they soon realise they’re being picked off by a masked murderer. Although officers investigating the crimes believe the culprit is within the group. As they continue to look out for each other, a love story emerges creating another story within the storyline, providing unexpected twists for the remainder of the film.

Will the officers find the real culprit? Will the young lady who goes screaming into the dark woods finally find salvation? Will Kenny succeed in making his friends stick to their pact? All is soon to be revealed…..

Demons Never Die is released in cinemas nationwide on 28th October 2011

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