Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Event Review: ILUVLIVE 10th October 2011

Back at XOYO for another helping of ILUVLIVE, the house is aptly filled for a night of entertainment from Bex, KOF, Molly, Dele, Lioness and headliner Donaeo who is celebrating his single launch. DJ Amzee in the wings, host Ras Kwame gets the show underway...

3ree-D; open mic winner at the previous ILUVLIVE, gets straight into his set. Interacting well with the audience in between tracks, he shows personality as well as talent. The atmosphere has been created for the night.

Mood reading as mellow and receptive, it's perfect for Bex who kicks off with 'Don't Mean A Thing’ that’s boasting a strong carnival feel and encourages euphoria. While a larger stage presence was heavily craved during her performance, the quality of her music shows she has great potential as an artist.

As Lioness steps on stage, a spell is instantly cast upon the audience as she drops 'Bomb', bringing all to a stand still, strictly focused on the stage. Later joined by songstress A.L. for 'All You Need', the duo overpower the venue with their vibe. Heads bop in unison, some not frightened to bubble away like they're in their own living rooms. Lioness finishes up with 'Mona Lisa' exiting the stage to a well-deserved rapture of applause.

Molly follows up, opening her set with an acoustic number 'It's You' which is received well by the audience. Slowing down the tempo with 'Pray for You' bringing it back up for 'Shadows' completing an entire set of sheer class.

After a short interval Dele takes his place and it's immediately his vocals serenade the entire female capacity within the venue as he treats ILUVLIVE to a couple of covers prior to getting into a some of his own tracks. His last number 'F U Right' created a strong level of steam in the air. Dele has turned ILUVLIVE into Seduction Central!

Continuing the slow tempo, KOF starts his set with 'Looking At Me', gracing the audience with his smooth tones. Keeping the audience entwined within his groove for the remainder of his time on stage, KOF performs a memorable set that leaves the audience wanting more.

Finally Donaeo takes to the ILUVLIVE stage and kicks off his set with 'Check My Swagger Out' immediately getting the audience rocking. Shaking them up a little more with 'I'm Fly', the audience are skanking hard and practicing their funky moves. Giving everyone a chance to cool down 'Love Is The Word' reminds the audience of the treat that is Donaeo's soulful vocals, often overshadowed by up tempo beats. Joined on stage by Terri Walker, the audience are shown exactly what it sounds like 'When Angels Sing'. Taking it back to the anthem ‘Party Hard’ Donaeo closes the show making way for the open mic session to decide who will be opening the show when ILUVLIVE returns on on 24th October.

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