Friday, 21 October 2011

Interview: A Q&A session with Wyen Solo

What is your musical background?
I started singing at a very young age, I took part in many school plays growing up and I just loved being on the stage entertaining people. At 12 years old I went to a workshop where I recorded my first ever track 'I’m Going To Try' and from there I knew that's what I wanted to do. I went on to study music in college after I received the necessary grades to get on my course. Now 5 years on here I am.

How did you break into the industry?
I was introduced to the owner of a music label by a family member. At the time he had been saying he was looking for a singer. We sat down and had a meeting, then before I knew it, I was recording my first single.

Did you find it hard to get people to take note of your talent?
I still find it very hard to get people to take me seriously as I have come up via two different routes. Doing the underground thing, which is fun, but also in a sense being involved in mainstream work such as the Universal compilations and receiving award nominations so early on.

Your first two singles have featured on Universal compilations, how did that come about?
I believe that if you put the work in, you will receive great outcomes. I have written every song I have recorded. My first two singles 'Smile' and 'Take Your Time' are two of my favourite songs. I believe luck had a lot to do with being featured on the albums but I also think communication and teamwork also played a big part.

Bobby & Steve and executive producer Michael Hughes done a house remix of your first track Smile, what has it been like working with them?
It was really fun working with these guys, especially as they are well known within the house scene. As soon as I heard the mix I loved it and couldn't wait to perform it live.

I know you’ve been doing a few performances, how have you found the various experiences?
It’s so funny I have done so many performances over the last six months and all of them have been different... Big crowds and small crowds yet I still feel so nervous it’s unreal! I try my best to channel the nerves into adrenaline, but I wouldn't stop performing it’s one of my favourite aspects of the job.

Is there any particular one that stood out to you?
I enjoyed doing Groove Odyssey, which was to over 3000 people. To see that many people is so over whelming, but then to hear people singing along to your songs and sticking cameras and phones in your face, it’s an amazing rush that you wish you could experience every day. 

I hear you’re also working on an album at the moment. How is that going?
I refer to the album as my baby. It takes time to grow, but you know when it arrives it is going to be this precious creation that you’re proud of and that never gets old. You love it more each day! I haven't given out much info on the album, but I can say it’s like an exciting juke-box!!!

Are there any other artists or producers you would like to work with in future?
My list of people I would like to work with is never ending… Lewi White, Will Smith, Devlin, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna and definitely Adelle.

Have you signed to a label as yet?
I'm not signed to a major label as yet, but I am with an independent label. I find that once you’re with a label you see so many different aspects of the industry and see your building your name as a brand... You almost want to be very hands on with the business side as well as the practical side.

Do you have management?
I do have management who again tend to deal with the business side of things, but like I always say to people, just because you have management don't take that as a reason to get lazy. You’re the product and you’re the brand, so be as involved as possible as it’s all learning.

We have heard that you are getting lots of love from Canada, the US and in the Bahamas, how do you feel about that?
I love the fact that I'm at the beginning of my career and all ready I have an international following. I can not wait until I'm in a position to be touring and meeting all these amazing people who message me and download my music. It’s so nice knowing that although I appeal to people in the UK, people overseas also enjoy my music.

Is there anything else you have coming up that you’d like everybody to keep an eye out for?
I’ll be attending the BEFFTA awards as I have been nominated for best female act. It’s very exciting I have all ready won a 'Top Star' award this year for ‘Smile’ so to be up for another award is really exciting. I'm planning to be busy over Christmas doing gigs, which I will post on my Facebook fan page and my Twitter.

Where can people find you on the web?
I'm on Twitter @wyensolo and I have a Facebook fan page ‘Wyen Solo’. I have also started a blog so check that out at

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