Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's Payback Season!

So where have I been recently? Why have I not been updating my blog? Again, it's one of those times when I've just honestly been drawn away from the virtual world... This time around it's due to it being Payback Season!

What's Payback Season? An urban thriller being shot in London by Pure Film Productions, written and directed by Danny Donnelly....

The story follows Jerome Davies (Adam Deacon), a young man who has beaten all odds to escape the council estate where he grew up, to make something of his life as a professional footballer. However, close encounters with old friends on the estate where his mother and younger brother still live cause Jerome’s life to spiral out of control. With his new found fame and fortune, can he balance his old life with his new?

“When the payment stops, the football stops…”

There has been some fun times... and of course, some sexy cars!

I even got to try one out for size!

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Pure Film, Danny Donnelly and Payback Season

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