Thursday, 25 August 2011

Event Review: ILuvLive - 22nd August 2011

Nightlife has resumed to the usual schedule following London warfare, meaning ILUVLIVE is back at the Hoxton Bar & Grill showcasing another great line up of homegrown talent. Opened up by host Remel London, the excitement levels are already bubbling...

Winner of the last open mic, Mizz Camara kicks off the show with a cover of Frank Ocean's 'We All Try' captivating the audience with her smooth tones. Raising the tempo with her own number 'Many Roots' a short request gets the audience participating throughout the song, many still singing along as Mizz Camara exits the stage.

Making it clear that she's representing Nottingham, Ms Tempz starts with an acoustic spoken word number. Followed up by 'Gyal on the Floor' accompanied on stage by a pair of electrifying dancers, Ms Tempz isn't quite content with having blown away the ILUVLIVE audience so drops some heavyweight bars over an instrumental of Jay-Z's '99 Problems'. With power to demand respect from the audience, it's straight fire!

Making way for Jay Norton, the audience is once again soothed by sensual tones. First number 'When You're Cheating' has the audience cheering, touched by the lyrics. Addressing the UK riots within next number 'Made in England' amongst other issues within the system, goosebumps can be felt from inside out filling the heart with emotion. Last number 'Forever' concludes the set, audience breathless throughout. Jay Norton is a name many won't forget after tonight.

A short interval allows the audience to refresh themselves before Clement Marfo & the Frontline take to the stage and open up with an intro that has the house rocking! Momentum carried throughout the set, second number 'Over Time' has Clement Marfo skanking on stage, resident DJ Jay Diamond skanking at the side of the stage and sentiments carried throughout the venue. The bass levels admittedly don't allow the human body to remain still. Finishing off the set with 'Champion' the audience are singing along, swept away by the energy and inspiration spilling off the stage.

Styled like the modern day Madness, Lazy Habits are next to grace the ILUVLIVE stage with brass instruments in hand. Giving it what they got, Baby Sol is called to the stage for their third number adding to the abundance of life within the performance. I don't think anyone in the audience had prepared for what Lazy Habits had to give...

The Rascals follow up bringing another level of extreme energy to the stage. They are clearly enjoying every moment of their performance, depicted by large smiles on their faces matched with sparkling eyes. The Rascals round up their ILUVLIVE set with 'G-Shock' and the audience have got their cameras are out while skanks are unleashed on stage.

Headline of the night Starboy Nathan takes to the stage instantly pleasing the ILUVLIVE audience with an acapella of 'Do Without Your Love' but the set has just started! Following up with 'Diamonds' many can be seen singing along to every word in awe. A cover of Sizzla's 'Dry Cry (Just One Those Days)' has the audience taken to serenity before Starboy Nathan finishes his set with current single 'Hangover' featuring Wretch 32. Dancing along, swept away by the vibe, the first hand effects of the track is witnessed promising a hit if enjoyed by the nation to the same degree as the ILUVLIVE audience. Here's hoping!

 A great night filled with a diverse collection of artists to represent homegrown music in it’s present day. I know I’ll be back here when ILUVLIVE returns on 12th September for the INDUSTRY SPECIAL!


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