Saturday, 13 August 2011

The media is a state!

If there is one organisation you would expect unbiased coverage from, BBC would be that place... Unfortunately that hasn't been the case. I put forward my first exhibit:

The disrespect starts instantly as she calls him 'Marcus Dowe'. Then she follows it up by asking him if he condones the riots, why because he understands them? #PAUSE# Then she cuts him off from expressing his thoughts on a young black man being killed by the police because "we have to wait for the 'police' report on it"..... #YAWN# Then she dismisses the fact that so many young black men are unlawfully stopped and searched in this city (let alone country) #SHAKES HEAD# THEN she accuses him of being a rioter himself!!! AM I THE ONLY PERSON WHO THINKS AN APOLOGY IS NEEDED HERE!?

To make matters worse after a race war has erupted, petrol is poured on the fire within the second exhibit.... David Starkey on Newsnight:

Is this really the kind of thing 'black people' pay their TV license to watch? What's happening during the BBC's media ethics training sessions? I find these broadcasts very worrying and offensive..... Not on!

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