Monday, 15 August 2011

The Sad Truth - Robyn Travis

Youth and Community Worker Robyn Travis recites his poem 'The Sad Truth' and talks about his soon to be released book 'Freedom From The Womb, Prisoner To The Streets' which is based on his life growing up in two different areas that later turned out to become serious rivals. Torn between loyalties to old friends and new, he beacame heavily involved in the street life in which his friends became his enemies.

'The Sad Truth' is a poem by Robyn Travis written to express his frustrations and the challenges he has faced since turning his life around....

Robyn Travis deserves an accolade for not only being able to step away from the street lifestyle he found himself wrapped within, but also for the ability to articulately reach out to others to say it's not the way forward. 'Freedom from the Womb, Prisoner to the Streets' may be focused on the Hackney & Tottenham street war that erupted in the late 90's and continued for many years, however the poem 'The Sad Truth' shows the depths Robyn Travis has brought to the surface, will speak from the hearts of many of the young men trapped within the street lifestlye and explain exactly why they are trapped by the system, not their peers.

I will be touching back on this book in future and letting you all know when it's released....

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