Friday, 31 December 2010

My Top House & Funky Tracks of 2010

So we've come to the end of another year so it's that time when I disclose the tracks that have been my favourites throughout. As previously, I was aiming for 10 but ended up with many more than I had bargained for....

The list is strictly UK House & Funky tracks that arose during 2010, so if there's any that you feel are missing that were floating around last summer or even December, that would be why.

NB: To avoid politics, tracks are listed in
alphabetical order according to track title.

  1. All My Love – Fuzzy Logik feat Jada Pearl
  2. Bad Girl VIP Remix – Addictive feat Trilla (produced by Champion)
  3. Blu Magic – Ill Blu
  4. Can’t Say No – Digital Dubstar feat Miss Fire
  5. Deception – Esko
  6. Ground Zero – Mystery (Must Have Music)
  7. Hand In The Air – Ramzee
  8. Heartbeat – Lil Silva
  9. High Definition – MA1 (Karnival Music)
  10. I Need Love – Roska feat Anesha
  11. I Wonder – Louise Williams
  12. Insomniac – Major Notes
  13. It’s What You Do – The Fives ft Vanya Taylor
  14. Kills Me (Footsteps Remix)Melanie Fiona
  15. Lighter – Champion
  16. Lights On – Katy B feat Ms Dynamite (produced by Geeneus)
  17. No Hooks – Lil Silva
  18. Shitta – Bassboy & Marcus Nasty
  19. What You Want – Kosha (produced by Kodi)
  20. Whispers – Funkystepz feat Louise Williams

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