Tuesday, 14 December 2010

New Release: Meleka - Love Letter

I've been watching Meleka for a while. The lovely lady first caught my attention with her debut track 'Go'. The track was first released having won the HUGO Boss Urban Rules competition and the Crazy Cousins remix really put her on the map. After seeing her perform at I Luv Live I could see exactly why she won. Her performace and voice absolutely blew me away.

Having gained a reputation within the UK Funky circuit, Meleka continued work with Crazy Cousins to release 'Miss Me'. Now the young lady has stepped into another genre to bring us 'Love Letter'. With Dubstep on the evident rise, it has to be questioned whether this change has come in light of the success Katy B has been having alongside Magnetic Man, Skream, Benga, Zinc and the many others.

However, Love Letter does still show Meleka's music talents. Her voice sits nicely over the dubstep drum pattern and can be appreciated. As the first release from her upcoming EP titled 'Next', let's hope the change of genre pays off for her.

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