Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Eastenders...... What was THAT!?

Stuffing down another plate of food while sipping on another drink whilst enjoying my ritual of Christmas episode of Eastenders, I had to wonder what the hell happened with the scriptwriter's reins during the creation of Stacey Branning's exit from the square....

The following questions seriously keep lingering in my mind:

Firstly, which single parent suffering from bipolar do you know that would be faced with the task of batting off not 1, but 2 men after it becomes public knowledge that she committed a murder?

Secondly, when Stacey arrived at the airport did she pay for her flight before or after she realised she had large amounts of blood dried onto her hands? AND how did she manage to not get ANY of it on her clothes or coat?

Last but surely not least...... Max left her at City Airport and lives in the east end...... Stacey paid for her flight, checked in, boarded and took off all before Max got home? Not to mention the fact that she had a window seat!!! - I think every jet setter would like to know which airline Stacey flew with because their popularity is sure to go up!!

We all love Stacey and are glad she managed to get away after evil Janine's vandetta against her, but you could've at least made it realistic.... tut tut tut. Anyway, tonight I'll be sitting down with another plate of Christmas leftovers and I'm hoping Janine is going to be fighting for her last breath tonight.....
Please don't let me down!

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