Sunday, 26 December 2010

And Janine's Still Alive Because??....

Ryan gets sung a song of praise.... After being slowly poisoned by his wife who let's face it, was attracted to her because of her twisted mind. But even though he has left Janine in a compromising situation, we all know that as she's in the hospital, she still won't die. What is it about her evil character that make the Eastenders scriptwriters keep subjecting us to her vendettas that have the viewers cringing. What needs to happen to get rid of Janine?

Did you see the massive knife that she used? How did she take a walk across the square and back losing all that blood? Do you remember our dear Dennis Rickman? Dirty Den's son.... Do you remember his tragic death?

One likkle passing stab was enough to hit exactly the right place to do the job! But yet Janine decides to dig herself with a chopping knife and take a walk in the park and yet she don't die..... KMT

C'mon Eastenders, listen to your viewers.....
We're done with Janine!!!

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