Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Game Over: The Aftermath

The hype and opinions that exploded off the back of this track were phenomenal!! Within 24 hours the video had over 100,000 views on YouTube and over 2,000 comments. Whilst also trending on Twitter within the London region.

Here are some of the things that we're said about the video/track:

@SwerveOnKiss: Game Over [Remix] is a different kind of incredible - beat + lyrical levels are too much - who made this beat? I need to shout them out

@SwerveOnKiss: if when playing #gameover you actually wheeled it the amount of times it deserved it would be over and hour long no?

@Shinobidan: Pro green is da best mc by miles on game over #realesttalkever

@PrincessRemz: Giggs definitely took over the whole of Game Over!

@CaramelCrumble: Just heard the game over riddum and it's pants. A couple one liners absolutely no bars.

@BigDirtz: if you thought the game over video was good then ur ah ediat

@WileyArtist: Example was meant to Be on the tune obviously I wasn't I respect tinch for that game over tune don't hate

@WileyArtist: Please don't try it with tinchy it's his song and if he asked me I would of said no anyway

@MikillPane: Chipmunk's verse on 'Game Over' could probably put a new roof over his's been slated that many times. Nobody's feeling it. :-(

@MikillPane: In fact, when I watched 'Game Over' & saw comments about Chipmunk's verse, I hadn't seen that many slaters since I last watched EastEnders.

@GustoNBT: Everyone is gassing up the game over track and I cant see or hear why. I must be hearing something very different.

@TinchyStryder: I love how everyones leaving their different opinions on #GameOver on YouTube... Interesting too see so many different view points!

So what were the YouTube comments saying??

Well most were slating Chipmunk saying that his game is in fact over and he sounds like he's trying to be an English version of Lil Wayne, but loads others were also stating that Wiley, Skepta, Ghetts and a few others should have been featured on the track. However many show gratitude for the beat and it seems Devlin, Professor Green and Example have received the most praise.

Personally I think Ishi 2Stripes has produced one of the hardest beats we've heard come out of the UK during 2010 and whether the track is liked or not, Tinchy Stryder has done a great job as everybody has been talking about it.

I'm sure there are many out there who think they can do better and will be re-making their own versions. We shall see.....

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