Thursday, 11 November 2010

I'm Not A DJ, But I Know Tunes Vol 1

I love my music..... Wait let me not state the obvious. No, let me......

I love my music but the truth is I can't mix to save neither mine, my son's, my mother's (ok ok, you must catch my drift)..... Mixing + Me = NO!!!


Anyway.... Check out my 'eh-hem' mix lol

I'm Not A DJ, But I Know Tunes: Vol 1 by MakedaQoS

Not sure whether I'm gonna make this a regular thing before the questions and speculations arise.... lol Anyways, here's the tracklisting:

  1. Beat of the Drums - N10 Tainment (QoS Dub)
  2. Self-Religion (Believe In Me) - Hardsoul
  3. Hips - Magic Touch
  4. What You Want - Kosha
  5. Good Times (Ill Blu Remix) - Roll Deep
  6. It's UK Funky - Digital Dubstar
  7. Bad Girl (Champion VIP Remix) - Addictive feat Trilla
  8. World on Fire - DJ Sdoko
  9. Mercyless - Fred Everything ft Wayne Tennant
  10. Another Day - Kings of Soul
  11. In Da Groove - Don Morris
  12. ER - OB
  13. Flatline - Nycole Valentina
  14. Quicktime - Naughty
  15. Stressed Out - FingaPrint feat Ava B
  16. Take Me Away - MVP feat Louise Williams
  17. Worth Much More - Mystery feat Miss Bree

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