Thursday, 11 November 2010

Jaja Soze – Me, God and the Devil

How many young males who reside in the ‘ghetto’ are perceived as having lost their way on the road of life? Labelled as being brainwashed by the glamorisation of cars, girls, money and popping champagne to think that this is what a happy life filled with true blessing is all about.

This is what Jaja Soze has personally addressed in his latest video but there seems to be some that are in opposition and against what Jaja has to say…


Surely that would make you ignorant? Maybe you’ve not listened with an open mind? A message cannot be received if the judgement has already been passed prior to reception. Especially if that judgement is attached to stigma and you are in fact brainwashed by the reputation of the speaker.

If that person is you, listen again with an open heart and mind. You may receive a totally different message……

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