Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mixtape Review: Dele - The Mixtape

"You're locked in to my mixtape. I know it's been a long time coming,
but it's here now..."

Isn't great when an artist makes a declaration for you? It shows that he is aware of where he is at and having watched Dele perfect his craft over the years, I'll have to agree with him, adding further that it's long overdue. Has it been worth the wait? I would prefer you give it a listen and come to your own conclusion, but I'd definitely recommend it!

The mixtape takes samples from a range of artists including Gyptian, Drake and Adele, while giving a few sneak previews off forthcoming Portraits of Me EP released on 28th March. Personal favourite mixes from the mixtape would have to be Dele’s renditions of Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’ and Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’. Being a female, I think I can boldly say that Dele definitely provided for his target audience with these. However his own numbers such as ‘Kind of the Bedroom’ interlude, ‘Karma’ which features Darren B, remix of previous release ‘Feel It’ and forthcoming single ‘One Knee’ are what really certify why this project has been executed well.

Reaching a calibre to enable residence in your stereo, this mixtape is even applicable for those moments when slow jams are required (Hint, Hint). The rotation of this one is undoubtedly due to be heavy, one play simply leaving the listener craving for more. As we anticipate the forthcoming Portraits of Me EP, this mixtape will surely suffice…

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  1. Heavy! I used it during a night of you know what, Dele is over due to bus!