Tuesday, 14 September 2010

On Katy's Mission!

She first grabbed my attention on the vocals of the UK Funky classic 'Tell Me' when she teamed up with DJ NG & MC Versatile. Her follow up 'As I' produced by Geeneus was arguably my favourite funky track of 2009, it still sends me on a frenzy that requires me to close my eyes and start spinning around to get the full enjoyment.

More recently Katy teamed up with Benga and brought us On A Mission which is undoubtedbly one of the biggest tracks to come out of the UK this year and definitely a major track on the Dubstep scene. Holding position within the national charts for a number of weeks, I think it's fair to state that Katy B is not only on a mission, the young lady is seriously about to blow!! (Errrrm..... not sure about that statement, has she blown already?)

Anyway...... Katy has now teamed up with Magnetic Man (I Need Air) to bring us Perfect Stranger, and also Zinc to bring us Louder.

I haven't yet had the chance to meet Katy B, but I'm sure she'd agree that it's something that needs to happen soon..... What d'you reckon Katy?? I'm on your mission with ya!!!!

Look out for the forthcoming Katy B album released on the Rinse abel.

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