Wednesday, 18 January 2012

UK Film: Payback Season (Behind The Scenes)

Set up at 3 Mills Studios in Bow, with East London and Pure Film Production's very own Danny Donnelly in the director's chair of Payback Season, the team have formed a motion picture with strong East London influence. Current focus depicting the new upper urban market within the finish, quality visuals have been captured as a result of dedication and hard work.

Starring Adam Deacon, David Ajala and legendary Geoff Hurst, all with strong East London roots, the reputation of the manor's diversity has been entwined within the casting. Main female character played by Nichola Burley adds a northern spice to dialogue, brought right back to the East End by cockney football manager Andy played by Leo Gregory.

An area with high volumes of attention due to the upcoming Olympic Games, many other East London locations have added to the flare of the movie including Limehouse Docks, a bar in Hoxton and a Hackney council estate. But although the structure and settings are heavily centred within East London, other locations feature strongly within the film such as a West End club and Millwall Football Stadium & Training Ground.

The storyline of Payback Season has allowed Adam Deacon (who plays main character Jerome Davies) to show his true acting capability. Jerome a reserved and charming personality as opposed to the extrovert characters Adam has found himself type-casted to play previously. David Ajala playing the alpha male street bully Baron, a dark character David captures well within his demeanour.

Although Payback Season is a movie with strong focus on football players and their lifestyle, this production doesn't have an overbearing football presence. Only the required key characters such as manager, agent and phsyio are present with additional players. The storyline focuses on lifestyle and the tribulations a footballer may face if haunted by his past background, bringing real unspoken pressures to the forefront. After climbing all the way to the top, what does one do when given those juxtaposing words "When the payment stops, the football stops"?

In Cinemas March 2012

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