Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Creative Remixes

I've admittedly been slacking on the blogging recently, but that never means my ear isn't still firmly against the ground with eyes wide open on the look out for something fresh and new... While I've apparently been lurking in the shadows, there have been some remixes that I'm appreciating for the twist of creativity that has been used with them, showing a strong flare of innovation for both pieces of work I am referring to...

First exhibit comes from within the My-ish camp by Incisive. Using Wretch 32's previous top 10 hit single Traktor, Incisive & Shakka have twisted it around and made it into a song they can call their own. 

Have a listen...

Another exerting her abilities is songstress A.L. who has definitely gone from strength to strength throughout 2011 to leave a mark that won't be easily forgotten. Taking I'm A Boss from US Hip-Hop superstars Meek Mill and Rick Ross, the track has been flipped on it's head to give it a more easy listening jazz aura.

Check it out...

Any aspiring musicians definitely need to take note from these two... What I mean by that is just about anybody can get a backing track and write quirky new lyrics, but a true musician is able to take a great composition and make it their own without destroying the memory of the original.... Salutes!

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