Monday, 12 September 2011

New Video: Call Me A Yardie

I've been hearing this song for a little while now, first hearing it from Bashment lover @iamtheGen....

But I have to admit, I find this song seriously unnerving!


My father is a Jamaican man, born and bred. But if you call him a yardie he gets offended. Yardie is the derogatory term for a person who is from Jamaica. It's also a word highly affiliated with violence and illegal behaviour. Does Stylo G lack understanding of his roots? Why would he make a song with this wording? What next? Call me a nigga? Maybe we can have some grime artists get together in some hoodies and make their own rendition 'Call Me A Thug (or Hoodie to fit in with the present day media)'. Maybe OG Niki will do her own parody 'Call Me A Hoe'. Everybody at some point of their life is stereotyped for the colour of their skin, their origin, lifestyle etc. But when you start to stereotype yourself without in-depth knowledge of what the particular stereotype means..... It's a very sad day!

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  1. You didn't understand the song. He was being sarcastic