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Event Review: ILUVLIVE 12th September 2011

Taking place in what hopes to be the new home of bi-weekly homegrown talent showcase, ILUVLIVE is homed in XOYO, Central London. House packed to the brim, there is a rich audience filled with not only the regular ILUVLIVE spectators, but also many industry personalities from journalists to A&Rs to managers and budding homegrown producers and artist alike. An atmosphere brimming with unsigned talent, 6 of the best are taking the stage tonight; Femfel, Sinead Harnett, Dirty Goodz, Duke, Marger and Aaron Delahunty.

It’s only correct that the DJ and Host duo of the night are ILUVLIVE’s finest residents Ras Kwame and Marcus Nasty. The atmosphere concocted by the two oozes of euphoria and pleasured vibes. Entertainment is in full swing throughout the night, each artist putting down what they do best in the spotlight. DUKE a beat-boxing who tore down the walls the last time they performed, graced the stage to take the genres throughout the various continents of the world, sounds created by the instrument of their mouths accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

Heads in the audience bopped along throughout MARGER’s set, during which Scrufizzer and No Lay joined him on stage for the track ‘Goons’ taken from Marger’s ‘Cheeky’ EP. It’s received well by the audience who he lets know that a video will soon be getting released for it. Thoroughly enjoying his moment, Marger even treats the audience to his own beat-boxing session he lets know was inspired by earlier act Duke.

Another act recently on the ILUVLIVE stage was AARON DELAHUNTY who also dropped a number from his previous set. ‘Face for Radio’ which is finished off with a hefty dubstep injection causes heads to rock uncontrollably. It’s loved by the audience and depicted within their applause which is also received by following act DURRTY GOODZ. An act that shows exploration of his roots, the young man on the stage gleams with essence of a Jamaican culture, something he declares he is proud of while on stage. I’m reminded of Capleton at Sun Splash while I watch him performing his second number ‘God Bless Ting’ and his stage presence shows how blessed he truly feels.

Headline of the night FEMFEL is welcomed to the stage by a rapture of cheers. Cameras and phones are withdrawn from new spots throughout the venue. Femfel’s flow is easy, takes you on a journey through his mind as he releases his thoughts. The band is smiling along with him as he turns around to give his message of approval for the vibe that has been created on the stage. Joined on stage by Kurt Collins for my personal favourite number from his set tonight ‘Hero’, Femfel received much praise within whistles and cheers etc as he modestly thanks everyone for coming out and supporting his album ‘Eyes Closed’.

Marcus Nasty an attribute of his own tonight, holding the audience within his own spotlight while providing a selection of music satisfying appetites and adding to the plethora of positive vibes already in the air. XOYO a sound warming venue, allowed the sound waves to be absorbed throughout the night and a party of girls are soaking up the last moments possible as they sing and dance along to the music.

The industry special of ILUVLIVE which hummed far and wide as a great place to be in London tonight, has finished a great success despite a venue change in the week leading up to the event. An atmosphere filled with positivity and progression, I’m sure many ILUVLIVE regulars will be hoping XOYO will be a new home when ILUVLIVE returns on the 26th September with Baby Blue, Joe Calpepper, Robyn Kavanagh, Phaze One, Mym, Rebecca Storm and beyond.

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Photography by Adeyina Adepitan
Review also featured on ILUVLIVE Facebook Page and RWD Online

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