Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Interview: Baby Isako

Holding a degree in criminology and psychology, Baby Isako turned to playwriting and found success in the world of theatre with her play ‘Love Is A Losing Game’. Returning with a sequel and finding further success, also being nominated for a BEFFTA Award, I caught up with her to find out more about her journey, her inspirations and plans for the future.

What inspired you to get into playwriting?
Firstly seeing the lack of understanding that people had in relationships and also because I wanted to write something which had a stronger underlining message.

For those who haven’t been to watch it, what is Love Is A Losing Game about?
Love Is A Losing Game looks into the relationships of a group of friends. You see the ups and downs and the lack of communication and understanding males and females have in relationships. Love Is A Losing Game Part 2 looks at some of the characters now living with the consequences of their actions from Part 1. We see one of the characters living with HIV…

What made you decide to tackle these issues?
I think a lot of young people have a lack of understanding on matters such as STDs and HIV, so I wanted to write something which had a powerful message behind it.

What were the personal intentions behind writing the play?
I wanted to create a platform for young black writers and actors.

Did you find it challenging to get your vision shared and made into reality?
I think when you start anything brand new there’s always a challenge, especially when it comes to financing it. It worked out in the end.

You’ve now toured Part 2 of Love Is a Losing Game, what edge did you add to the second part to keep the story interesting?
I added new characters to give it a fresh feel. The new characters also have their own stories.

What do you look for when casting actors?
Confidence, creativity and most importantly passion

Are there any actors you would love to work with? Why?
I have a list of actors I would like to work with. A lot of them are from the USA. People like Bette Midler, Kimberly Elise and Johnny Depp. I believe they’re so versatile and they make their characters so believable.

Did you keep the cast the same for Parts 1 & 2 of Love Is A Losing Game?
No I kept most of the cast but added in new characters.

What has been the highest high and lowest low of Love Is A Losing Game?
The highest high has been selling out every show we’ve done. I’ve used any lows to my advantage

Have you got any other plays due to go to theatre?
Yes I’m working on a new play which is due to be out next year February called Bag Ladies.

What do you think are the credential components of a good play?
Being original and being passionate about what you’re doing. Take your own risks.

What advice would you give to someone feeling inspired to write their own play?
Never change your style of writing to please anyone. Do a lot of reading, research the theatre industry and see where you fit in. Also be sure it’s what you want to do because it’s not easy.

Where do people find out more about you and your work?

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