Friday, 17 June 2011

Event Review: ILuvLive - 13th June 2011

Getting myself down to Hoxton Square Bar, I’m feeling a little lost having become accustomed to Cargo. Tonight there’s a venue change and I’m not sure what to expect. Upon arrival I’m not at all disappointed, not only does the venue have a nice light welcoming feel, the food doesn’t taste too bad either. Settling in, I await the show to start while being fed and watered… 

Kimba kicks off the show having won the open mic competition at the previous event and although it’s a slow start, he wows the crowd with his second number. It’s soul touching, the kind of track you hope will last forever when chilling with a loved one on a sunny afternoon. Kimba has won over the crowd and exits the stage to applause of appreciation.

Up next is Zemmy who has a very vibrant persona, it can be seen within her that she loves to entertain. Getting into her set, her music has a rock feel that creates an infectious vibe causing the head to subconsciously bop along to the beat. Grateful for her drummer who made and effort to come all the way from Wales and the audience are as appreciative as she is!

Host of the night; Twin introduces Nolay to the stage as “one of the best female emcees in the game” raising the expectations of those in the audience who have never heard her. Nolay's bars come heavy, hypnotizing the audience into her zone. Lyrics are skippy over her beats and the bass player in the house band is not only feeling the vibe but his passion is controlling it. The response received from the audience speaks volumes in decibels as well as statement. Twin reiterates his statement at the end of her set.

After a short interlude with entertainment provided by DJ Melody Kane, Nate Young returns after having reformed himself from Young Nate and takes to the stage. The phones and cameras come out immediately; a simple swap of names hasn’t made any difference to this fan base. Slowing it down for his second number, the tempo is picked back up for the third number titled 'With the Music' and that is exactly how the audience are moving. Nate Young finishes his set to a rapture of applause proving the masses are pleased to have him back!

Last set of the night comes from Bang On, a rapper from Liverpool who immediately has me intrigued. His delivery takes me back to the days of religiously watching ‘Yo Raps!’ as a youngster. I'm engaged throughout the set and especially overwhelmed by his last number holding a strong dubstep flavour any Chase & Status fan would thoroughly enjoy. Bang On is a name I’ll definitely be looking out for in future…

The mic opens up and tonight it is truly open… the entries coming forward on this occasion are not only entertaining but highly talented. Getting spoken word from Detox, reggae from Moses and an array of rappers putting it down, Detox manages to fight off the opposition to secure a place for himself on the bill, opening up the show when ILUVLIVE returns on June 27th.

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