Monday, 30 August 2010

Just Moi.....

"You can never enjoy another person's company until you've truly learnt how to enjoy your own...."

It's common fact that I am an unsociable creature trapped in a highly sociable world, of which most of the time I am able to conform. I play my fair part in socialising and especially social networking. THAT is something I am sure cannot be contested! I can even be reached instantly via my BB Pin.... But there comes a moment when the person within me must revolt and throws in the towel to the conformation of what is expected.

The rebellious spirit within me burns in ways that would not even be considered. sometimes I just don't wish to interact with anybody in any way, shape or form. The endless business calls that have no regard to appropriate timing of day, emails and enquiries become secondary to life. The only voice I want to hear is mine. My own thoughts, laughter and expression.

Who's enjoying the weather? Who's having a bad day? Who wants to go to the cinema? Who just made a banger of a song? Who wants to come over? Who wants to go out? Who just wants to ring and say hello? Please DON'T!! You're invading my trail of thoughts and making my company feel uncomfortable....

Not to worry, my own company will get boring after a while and the rudeness of never answering my questions or participating in conversation will inevitably become rather tedious.

That's were you come in..... Appreciated for nothing other than your presence and your existance.... But for now, I'm appreciating just being ME.

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