Saturday, 14 August 2010

I'm finished with the Beeb!!

It's once again been a while since my last blog post, but many things have happened.... Instead of writing a dissertation I'll cover each subject separately.

So what has happened?

The BBC Step Up scheme came to an end, and I got to find out what it's like when you have to explore journalism on a topic of which I struggled to find personal interest: Bicycle Polo.

On the plus side, the completed news story (which had to be linked to London and the olympics) was airred during drive-time on BBC London Radio.... I couldn't find the radio story, but this is the TV one also airred during prime-time:

Overall the 12 week experience was very rewarding, not only did I get to enjoy some great experiences, but I also got to meet some really great people. I would definitely recommend the BBC Step Up scheme to anybody interested in journalism.

I also got named as a star person on the scheme at the ending ceremony which was very humbling, especially as I was rather concerned that my personal fight to show interest may have had adverse effect on the levels of which I applied myself to the task in hand. But I guess my determination to do the best of my capabilty paid off...... Made me realise that endurance is definitely required in ALL aspects of life where we wish to achieve for the better.

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