Saturday, 5 December 2009

Scorcher's back on Fire!!

Scorcher's here again...... - "Check the flow though!"

While everybody went crazy for 'Lipsin Ting' I was kinda worried about the 'wetness' of the appeal within the track, wondering if Scorcher had inevitably put himself out?? Hmmmm....... Scorcher hasn't been as bad as some other 'Grime' artists I must say, following it up with Dark Knight, he's revived the grit we had become accustomed to.

The visual effects within the video are also of a level than can be highly appreciated, something else that is usual from Sorcher's videos (except Lipsin' Ting of course), ok ok so we've established I never appreciated the Lipsin' Ting, but really I know which musical side of Scorcher I prefer......

Just Saying!!

Check out the video for Dark Knight

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