Monday, 21 December 2009

Weekend Shenanigans.......

I had so much fun this weekend.... It's been a blast!!!

This Saturday I was on the list for Boxfresh/Channel AKA party but my attendance just wasn't meant to be.... I've been told by a few people that I never missed much so not to be in despair.


I braved the cold in my peep toe shoes to venture down to Avalon, Shoreditch for the Awkward Star Re-Launch..... Although I had no feeling in my feet or toes upon arrival, the night proceeded to be worth the numbness. With plenty of good music, good people and good vibes including a dance off between Slick (one half of the JCX & Slick duo) and Lee 'Littleman' Vassell which included cart wheels, back flips, somersaults and everything!! Poor Slick hurt his heel and bum in the antics (hope you're feeling better bubsie xxmwahxx)......

The amount of alcohol consumed was more than substantial, if Avalon never hit bar spend then it's simply too high.... SNM

Sunday I was meant to go to a dinner party, but that got postponed..... Weren't too happy about that as I was looking forward to getting my eat on, but sh*t happens I guess

I then continued the weekend by attending Sunday Show for the first time.....

Not somewhere you'd usually find me at all. The many (BAIT) faces on a Sunday evening isn't really the 'exclusive' surrounding I go for.... But at the same time, I got to see many familiar faces (BAIT), some of which I haven't seen for a good while (BAIT), but nevertheless it was a good evening overall. The entertainment was I believe above the usual standard usually reported from Sunday Show revellers and with comedians Eddie Kadi, Glenda Jaxson and Mo the Comedian hosting, I would be lying to say it wasn't a laugh.

There was one performance that stood out to me though, I don't really feel the track but the message within says much about the raving scene nowadays (although the choice of networking site in the track is dated), but hey, we all do it..... I did it this weekend...... Why??


If you're a web user and don't understand the Twitter hype, this is a message from Twitter:
Twitter is more fun and useful when you access it from your mobile phone

On a level though, maybe we should really fall back on the Blackberry and iPhone usage when in the raves, events etc and just concentrate on having a good time......

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