Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Classic Mix CDs?

I've been a collector of Funky mix CDs for a while, even to the extent of running a Mix CD of the month competition on my It's A UK Funky Movement blog, but admittedly there are some that pass by under the radar on the net downloads. I'd been hearing about how good this one was for a while, but only from a small number of people who had managed to get a hard copy and they were singing it praises all the way! I vowed to get myself a copy.... And I did!!

The CD in question consists of Angie B B2B Pioneer whilst hosted by Dogtaniaun B2B Spidey G and after hearing it for myself, I have to join in with the songs of praises because if your into your connoisseur House musical sounds, then this is definitely a CD that is needed in your collection.....

Memba Me Say Iiiit!!

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