Thursday, 8 October 2009

Are you credit crunched??

I heard this one quite a while ago on Scratcha's Grimey Breakfast Show on Rinse FM and loved it the moment I heard it..... A few days after Mr Brasco was a guest on the show and they discussed the track with Brasco explaining that in the present economic climate, he wrote this track in mind of how the majority of the nation must be feeling financially.

This track is also featured on Lee Brasco's current mixtape titled "Deep With the Lines" - I haven't had a chance to hear it as yet as I had some weird problems while trying to upload it..... I did tell Mr Brasco but he hasn't figured out a way to get me a copy as yet..... *Cough Cough Mr Brasco!!*

Check out the track....... PS This video has slight nudity at the end so ensure to cover the eyes of any youngsters!!

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