Tuesday, 29 September 2009

What A Funkin Damned DAY!!!

Yesterday a fellow music journalist who I actually have a lot of respect for (he's done some dope interviews with people like Busy Signal, Taurrus Riley, Jah Cure and all a dem reggae musician dem my parents regularly hold a vybe to), had attended an event for the underground music sub-genre I have become fairly acquainted with, UK Funky.

Being a blogger it was only natural for him to then write a review. The review wasn't what is usually seen within the UK Funky Scene, where everybody gives it a good response and then mutters to their nearest folk what their true thoughts are.... It was an outsiders view. An observation of events with some positive and some negative points, both going to their extremes respectively.

When first reading it I had to wonder how it would be perceived. Knowing had I written something of that nature, it would be considered faux pas. Consequently, I would automatically become branded a hater and probably be stoned the next time I tried to show attendance at any kind of UK Funky associated event. But I thought that as an 'outsider' of the scene, his negative comments would be taken on with grace allowing reflection on areas that can be worked on to make the UK Funky scene a bigger and better movement, really strong enough for world domination. I felt that it would show however whether or not the same people who are constantly accused of being 'gassed up' were really as grounded as they should be, seen as they are artists in such a minute area of the music industry. The day ended calmly..... No qualms?? Great!

Next day however, the review has made the rounds and the reactions have shown that many are not able to take criticism and turn it into a positive for the bettering of themselves. Something I find quite disheartening. It seems UK Funky has become a genre of artist that are only willing to hear 'songs of praise' and if you ain't singing, you're a sinner, condemned to hell because YOU don't get up on a stage TOO. They have the hardest job in the world, so we must bow down to their mercy. But this is the music business. Everybody plays their own part. From artist to journalist, from producers, video directors and A&Rs. NONE of us have a easy ride when it comes to longevity. Unfortunately as the artist, you're at the forefront, but you gotta take the rough with the smooth!

But the question I have to really ask to those holding grievance is:
How big will the UK Funky scene get if we don't master the craft of capturing the 'outsiders'?

Disclaimer: This is in no way aimed towards all of the acts that performed at the said event, or everybody who was originally mentioned within the review. This is an expression of my thoughts towards those who responded to the comments within the review with animosity. Whoever the cap fits let them wear......

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