Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Come Back Moments!!!

It's a bizzare time within the music industry at the moment. There seems to be a few faces reappearing on our screens after an intermittent break. This isn't restricted to the UK music scene either, but there have been some comebacks from some big names with the UK......

Like who???

Ok first we have New Brand Flexx. You may remember the Anthem? This was on what was then Channel U on a more than regular basis. If you don't know it where was you?? You'd have to have been living under a rock!! Seriously....... Anyways, they're back!! And it's an EMERGENCY!!!

Next up, we have the original crew of all crews, the crew that made everybody else decide to form their crew. Coming straight out of south London, it's questioned whether any other crew was as Solid as this crew?? Yes of course, you must have guessed it by now!! If not, I'mma say it again...... WHERE WERE YOU!!!??? So Solid Crew, the crew also known for rolling 100 man deep to pick up their awards, however this track features the most recognised members; Megaman, Romeo and Lisa Maffia. They be letting us know what's been going down with 'Since We Went Away'

X-Factor have been treating us to some comebacks to stars on whole different level however. Firstly we were greeted with Robbie Williams, which was followed up the following week with Whitney Houston. Within Robbie's performance he was nothing more than a shadow of his former self. Take a look:

But the biggest shock factor had to be from Whitney Houston with Million Dollar Bill. Her performance on X-Factor is something I do not wish to comment on as I would not want to cloud anyone's judgement. But I have found the footage so if you never saw, you haven't missed out!

Which comeback do you think will be the most successful??

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