Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Silent Treatment

What is really supposed to be achieved by the silent treatment? Men always depict the females of the species to be an emotional creature so I really have to question the manner of conduct. Surely this isn't the most effective way to handle a situation with an 'emotional' being?

So... You've been seeing someone, you're really feeling her (or so you say), then one day something inside you changes. Maybe she says or does something you don't really like. Maybe the grass on the other side of the fence is starting to possess a much healthier glow than it did since the last time you was standing there....

Whatever the reason, as a man, would you not invest in your own integrity by making the effort to ensure that this female you spent so much time wooing with sweet talk etc is aware that you've turned your page? Wouldn't it benefit you to ensure that she is aware that she is no longer on your page?

Even if you decide to use the standard 2 lines "Maybe we should just be friends" and "It's not you, it's me". At least then she knows where it is that she stands.... and then, when she starts to act like a 'psycho bitch' you're in the clear.

See men don't understand the female fascination with Sex & The City, but I for one love it and am also looking forward to the sequel of the movie. But you see, Sex & The City seems to have at least one scene that depicts the foolish things that men do and then try to turn it around and blame it on our emotions. But surely if a programme is able to highlight it, it can't be the actions of only 'one' male is that not correct??

See... I think that if a man isn't able to finish a relationship in an amicable fashion, then he shouldn't get involved in one. Because all that happens in the end is he ends up looking like a bigger arsehole than he would even if he used the generic 2 sentences when he took advantage of his perogative to change his mind!!

Not only that, but it also would decrease the amount of angry females we have in society that state "Men are this...." or "Men are that....." at any given chance. The number of women claiming to be 'Single by Choice' is climbing..... Do men think that their actions in how they handle their situations with females may have any bearing on this??

The simple fact is this: Every male has a scrotum, but only few actually possess balls!!

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