Tuesday, 1 May 2012

UK Film: The Man Inside (Trailer)

Starring Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas as the lead, David Harewood (who currently stars in Homeland), Peter Mullan, and Michelle Ryan (Zoe Slater from Eastenders) as the love interest and Jason Maza.

Clayton Murdoch (Ashley Thomas) carries a terrible darkness inside him. As a boy he was exposed by his father (David Harewood) to murder and gang culture. With his father now in prison, Clayton struggles to overcome what he was groomed to become, in a city where every day there is a constant threat of violence and death. Clayton channels his aggression into boxing. Controlled, powerful, contained. However, when the violence starts to destroy his own family, Clayton loses control and the darkness within him is unleashed. Now he wants to get the revenge against those who have taken his loved ones and is forced to ask the one man he fears the most for help, his father. With everything around him falling apart and the full shocking fury in him let loose, Clayton must look death in the face and find out who is the man inside.

Scheduled for release this Summer

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