Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Food: Vitality is Vital

I've always thought myself a bit of a food boff, until recently when I discovered that wine erodes your teeth! So no longer resting on the laurels of what I consider the 'normal rules of healthy eating' such as avoiding large amounts of salt and sugar as well as fried foods and making sure I get my 5-a-day, it's time to increase the knowledge!

Stepping out of the comfort zone and exploring new things, what we eat, how we cook and learning about how different foods effect our bodies can be quite eye opening. I especially like this new campaign from Sensodyne Pronamel...

I used to turn my nose up at 'healty foods' and 'healthy eaters'... That was until I gave it a try for a while and started to feel (and see) the effects. Not to mention I found this picture of 2 year old fast food a major deterrent... The bread isn't even moulding!

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