Monday, 7 June 2010

Beebed Out!!

Morning World!

I'm on my way to a video shoot that started a few hours ago so I'm gonna try and keep this short and sweet so I can get my arse down there.....

I'm really enjoying life at the moment, although it has endless struggles and I'm constantly feeling exhausted but the fact that I'm enjoying it makes it all worth it!!

I've started a new radio show which can be heard on Wednesday's on MelodyOne.Com from 6-8PM. Each show is also uploaded on to my Soundcloud in case anybody missed it or wants to listen again......

I'm having a great time on the BBC Step Up programme.... Last week I had a tour of the BBC London Newsroom which included sitting in the news reader's chair and seeing myself on TV!

I'll try to keep you all updated with what's happening with the Step Up programme as it seems to be the question I get asked most these days..... Let's just hope I can keep up with blogging..... I've not been too good at it lately!

It has been great fun in other areas though, yesterday (Sunday 6th June), I had the opportunity to sit in the BBC Radio 1 studio to watch them put out the Official Top 40 Chart Show..... Unfortunately the lovely Reggie Yates was off for a week and Usher had cancelled his interview but I still got to see the logistics in a professional set up with Scott Mills and his producers and broadcasting assistant..... Definitely a very valuable experience!

Not being sick of the BBC I also attended the BBC 1Xtra DJ Relay at Brick Lane on Saturday and got to meet some great people! I couldn't get a pic with everybody but I got some.....

But errrrr...... I'm running extremely late! Donaeo is expecting me to be at his I'm So Fly video shoot so I have to run...... Oh I'm also currently in the motions of putting together the next issue of Da-Mjuzik Magazine, be sure to keep passing through the website, although it's a monthly magazine, the website is updated more than you think!!

Wishing you all a good day and a very productive week


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