Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Anaemia is my ENEMY!!!

Yeah yeah yeah...... My anaemia is playing me up again!! I've been trying to fight it now for the last 3 weeks.... It doesn't usually get me this badly to continue for such an extended length of time, somehow I don't think the constant late nights of recent have been helping me too much. But when there's things to be done who is going to do them for me??

OK Self-Pity OVER!!! So what are these things that needed to be done??

'Interview' was a key word for me last week, kicking off with an interview with Mr Play and also Jay Knox of Play Entertainment for the forthcoming issue of Da-Mju:zik Magazine, which was followed by me on the other side of the coin as I was interviewed by both UKFunkyHouse.Com and a student from Brit school performing arts technology thoughts etc on the UK funky scene other ad hoc subjects. This was followed up again by conducting another interview with Jaja (PDC) in connection with a new initiative I've got involved in, but I will be referring to later time on the blog.....

Oh I'm still attending Point Blank on a daily basis for my radio broadcasting course by the way, I'll touch back on that in more detail at some point too and share a lil bit of what's going on with that.....

The main thing that has got me all excited of recent though is the upcoming issue of Da-Mju:zik magazine which is a special themed edition this month of a FULL Play Entertainment Take over. To celebrate we're throwing a party. If you wanna come, you can RSVP HERE!!!

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