Friday, 5 June 2009

Big Brother is BACK!!

Another summer of us losing all sense of our normal routines.... It happens every year, we are adamant that we won't be watching it but by the time we get to August we can't even remember what we would normally do at that time. Honestly, how many of us spend the first week after the Big Brother final trying to remember what we originally had forsaken while getting drawn in?

This year I've decided to admit defeat from the beginning and just soak it in from the start. So I'll be calling this my Big Brother marathon. Expect many more post on the subject from me!!

Well it's number 10 and as always, Big Brother has given us a whole load of weirdos to legitimately stalk and gain entertainment from and I've already made up my mind on who my favourite is. Do not get that twisted. I won't be voting. I'll use the credit crunch as my excuse. But while doing my homework on my favourite I found this:

Well.... What can I say??? He shares more with Soulja boy than we thought.....

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