Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Music: Love Bass

Davinche tweeted this video link and I instantly had to drop everything and check it out..... Aren't I glad I did!!!

I first fell in love with Cleo Sol's vocals when she vocalled the UK Funky track 'Time To Let Go' in which she collaborated with Perempay N Dee and I've loved them ever since......

No longer a feature, Cleo Sol is back with a solo track and I'm absolutely loving this dubstep track produced by DaVinche titled 'Love Bass'

I think it's HARD!!!! So many artist who have stepped over to the dubstep genre have felt a need to mimick Katy B & Magnetic Man. DaVinche and Cleo Sol have made a statement within their music showing real creativity and innovation. Something I absolutely rate to the MAX!!!!

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